Paul Bagin Productions

Paul Bagin

is a skilled and in-demand live Sound Engineer with extremely musical ears who has worked mixing Front Of House for a genre-bending roster of artists that perform in venues worldwide. His knowledge of acoustics and electronics combined with his collaborative musical skills with the performing artist, Paul performs a roll mixing FOH that, in many ways, is as important to a live band performance as any member on stage.

As a Recording engineer, Paul provides Live Recording • Broadcast • Tracking • Editing • Mixing • Mastering • Pre and Post-production services. Whether it's on location or studio recording, Paul dials in a mix that sounds like Musicians in the band mixed the CD themselves!

Recent Releases

Grammy Nominated
Dave Frank Dave Holland Quintet Dave Holland Octet Monday Michiru Robin Eubanks Nancy Sirianni
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Portrait of New York
Dave Holland Quintet
Archive Series Vol. 1
Dave Holland Octet
Monday Michiru
Alternate Routes
Robin Eubanks EB3
Vol. 1
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Space and Time